Vintage Grape Wine Bonzai Trees

Every now and then you see something that gets you really excited, and all your creative juices flowing. This was certainly the case when I saw my first ever vintage grape vine bonzai tree. I mean, seriously, what could be cooler than watching wine grapes growing in your living room from your favorite wine region of France … Read More


The Viaduc de Millau

What is most remarkable about the Viaduc de Millau, the tallest bridge in the world, is how different it appears when photographed, and when witnessed in … Read More


Calvisson Sunday Market

There is something about Sunday morning. If you enjoy food, wine, color, sound, companionship, there can be few better ways than to spend Sunday morning at the … Read More


Arles Market Wednesday

The Saturday market in Arles is renowned throughout Europe as one of the largest and best. The Wednesday market is pretty huge too. To be fair, the Arles … Read More

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